Which Payment Method Are Best Between Skrill And Paypal For Online Casino?


Skrill and Paypal are in constant competition when it comes to online gambling. Indian players go back and forth between these two eWallets, and it can be tricky when you want to decide for just one of them. But even with their great similarities, you will be able to find some details that will make all the difference between these two eWallets.

You will easily notice that Paypal is more popular than Skill. This is not just true for online gambling in India but most online transactions worldwide. Paypal was created in 1999 while Skrill reached the online market in 2001. And it seems that only two years apart make a big difference in this case.

However, you will find that strictly in the online gambling industry, players prefer Skrill rather than Paypal. This happens because Skill is made to be easier and more accessible while also the fees are friendlier as well.

Registration process
Both Paypal and Skrill are easy to use, but the registration process takes more when it comes to Paypal. While you will be required to verify your identity on both platforms, your Skrill account will be active in less than 24 hours. For Paypal, it takes up to two days to activate your eWallet.

Transaction time
As an Indian gambler, you know that time is a valuable resource that can bring you money or make you lose money. And when it comes to transactions, you most likely want an eWallet platform that will process transactions fast if not instantly.

Skrill might take up to 24 hours to process your transactions, but Paypal does it almost instantly. In exceptional situations, Paypal will take up to two hours to transfer your funds. This is a great plus for Paypal.

Both Skrill and Paypal will be a good choice when you need an eWallet website to feed your online casino account in India. However, according to these differences, you might prefer one or the other. If you are a beginner when it comes to gambling, Skrill seems to be a better option for you because it is easier to access and use on most Indian casinos online.

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